SHIELDme™ is our increasingly popular, completely natural, high-level disinfectant that you should be using as part of your establishment’s cleaning regimen, regardless of which industry you’re working in.

The majority of businesses still rely on chemical-based disinfectants without realizing that there are fantastic natural alternatives available on the market now. Our product has been proven to destroy 99.999% of all pathogens, including bacteria and viruses without the aid of any harmful chemicals!

This is possible because it utilizes Hypochlorous Acid, which is a naturally occurring element in our bodies, making the product non-toxic and non-corrosive. From ambulances and medical buildings to restaurants and airports, SHIELDme™ will transform your operations in a completely safe manner!


Pharmacies, clinics, hospitals, and research labs – sterilization and constant cleanliness is an absolutely essential part of keeping staff members and patients healthy and infection-free at all of these establishments.

This is where SHIELDme™ comes in. Our product will achieve truly outstanding results without the need to use any toxic chemicals for cleaning the premises.


Whenever a lot of young people are present in one building, infections can spread, so schools and colleges are a known breeding ground for germs. This is bad news for the students and the teachers alike as it can mean a lot of people missing school due to an illness.

A great way to prevent this from happening is using a high-level disinfectant like SHIELDme™. This way, you’ll be effectively protecting your staff members as well as the students from harmful pathogens that can cause anything from the common cold to more serious illnesses.

Hotels and Hostels

Hotels and hostels see a lot of footfall daily and bigger establishments welcome thousands of guests throughout the course of the year.  Unfortunately, this creates the perfect opportunity for harmful germs and pathogens to gain a foothold and infect a lot of people in one go.

This presents the perfect opportunity to introduce SHIELDme™ into your cleaning regimen and ensure that infections don’t spread among your guests and staff members. With SHIELDme™, your hotel, hostel or other type of guest house will be one of the cleanest, most hygienic establishments in the nation.

Sports and Leisure Centers

Commercial leisure centers can harbor a lot of nasty pathogens, possibly even more so than hotels due to the sweat from exercise. They are introduced and spread by users easily, even if people take care and wash their hands, etc.

While it’s impossible to prevent this process outright, the best solution is being proactive. In order to effectively eradicate these pathogens before they gain a strong foothold and start infecting people at your gym, spa or other type of leisure center, choose SHIELDme™!

Malls and Shopping Centers

The sheer level of foot traffic that goes in and out of malls on a daily basis is massive as is the sheer extent of the pathogens present and the speed with which they can spread without the proper cleaning procedures in place. Our SHIELDme™ disinfectant is here to help mitigate the danger thanks to its highly effective formula that’s perfectly safe to use.


As a professional restaurant owner or manager, the last thing that you want is to sterilize your worktops or tables only for diners and employees to fall ill as a result of ingesting traces of the cleaner by accident.

With SHIELDme™, such issues won’t be a factor at all as it’s completely safe to ingest while still eradicating 99.999% of pathogens. It will also clean the surfaces completely, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain from switching over to our formula.

Public Transportation

Whether it’s a city bus, a taxi, or a national train that you rely on for daily transport, you will already have noticed that not everyone adheres to the same level of cleanliness.

Public transportation vehicles are a known breeding ground for germs for this reason and while it’s impossible to keep it 100% sterilized all the time, SHIELDme™ is going to help with reducing the risk to passengers and drivers alike.

Domestic Households

While our products are often utilized for commercial applications, they are also perfectly suited for domestic residences in Kuwait. If you have recently been searching for an effective household cleaner, SHIELDme™ is what you should be buying – especially if you have children or pets who are more susceptible to the harmful chemicals found in standard cleaning products.

Our solutions are 100% natural, non-toxic and a non-irritant. This makes them perfect for cleaning any surface in your home, whether that be floors or countertops. Unlike the chemical alternatives, SHIELDme™ won’t negatively affect the air quality.

Agriculture and Poultry

Farming and raising livestock are difficult and time-consuming processes that are made even harder by the reality of how devastating pathogens can be to the animals that you’re rearing and taking care of.

Your livestock could be quickly decimated by disease if certain pathogens are allowed to run rampant. Thankfully, with SHIELDme™ as your one and only sanitization product, you will have an effective tool in your arsenal to keep all harmful pathogens in check and protect your livestock at all times!

Worship Areas

In places of worship, it is common to find numerous people gathering at the same time and standing, sitting, or kneeling very close to one another. This can introduce pathogens that can spread quickly among worshippers due to the close proximity.

As with all other public spaces, SHIELDme™ has been proven to be highly effective at controlling the spread of pathogens and eliminating them entirely.